The Ultimate Nighttime Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin


Skincare routine

If your main skincare concern is acne breakouts, you know you need to implement a proper skincare routine to optimally treat your skin. For acne prone or oily skin types, skincare isn’t simply about the products themselves but also incorporating beauty tools to combat breakouts, practicing excellent hygiene, focusing on good nutrition by avoiding processed and sugar-laden items, opting for whole, healthful foods, and drinking a sufficient amount of water each day. This nighttime skincare routine is all about treating your skin condition, so that you can work with your skin instead of against it.

How to Care for Acne Prone Skin with a Nighttime Skincare Routine

        1. Cleanse

Skincare routine

You know you need to remove your makeup at the end of the day before getting into bed. No surprise here. But skip the makeup-removing wipes and instead opt for an oil cleanser followed by a gentle foam face wash for double cleansing. The oil cleanser actually dissolves makeup and excess sebum and removes sunscreen, sweat, debris and other impurities that have collected on your face through the course of the day, without completely stripping the skin of its natural oils. Follow this with a gentle foaming antibacterial cleanser to wash away the oil and rebalance your skin without stripping it to leave a blank canvas to implement the rest of your routine.

      2.  1x Per Week - Pore Vacuum

Once per week following your nightly cleanse, a pore vacuum is great for an anti-acne skincare routine. Pore vacuums work by using a gentle suction to dislodge and remove buildup like dead skin cells, dirt and even sebum that gets trapped within the pores. It increases circulation and blood flow, which helps promote a natural glow and can make a huge difference in your complexion! Move the head of the vacuum around in a back in forth motion, being careful not to hold the vacuum in one spot for too long or turn the suction up too high. Gentle is the name of the game here! You don’t need to use the pore vacuum on your entire face, only the areas that look or feel congested. As your skin begins to tolerate the treatment you can progress to two or three times each week. Shop the GloSkin Pore Vacuum here.

       3. 1-2x Per Week: Mask Up!

Clay masks or masks formulated with charcoal or turmeric are hands down the go-to if you’ve got oily or acne-prone skin. Clay masks are able to use their absorption properties to draw dirt, oil, toxins and other impurities from deep within the skin, and further regulate the production of sebum. They are known for their ability to gently exfoliate the skin and remove dead surface skin cells that contribute to acne. Clays are deeply cleansing, reduce breakouts and blemishes and even minimize the appearance of pores. A weekly or bi-weekly mask is essential to restore radiance to dull, acne-prone skin.


       4. Medicate

Post-cleansing acne-prone skin can benefit from a targeted treatment. A product with chemical exfoliants like glycolic or salicylic acid can help prevent future breakouts, and a retinoid is pretty much a non-negotiable if you have acne and want to benefit from some anti-aging benefits as well.

        5. Moisturize

Don’t forget to moisturize! Even oily and acne-prone skin needs to stay hydrated. Your nighttime moisturizer works to seal in your serum and help the skin renew itself overnight. And keeping skin hydrated is especially important if you are using drying acne-treatment products. Choose a non-comedogenic lotion or cream to keep skin calm and clear.

Try this nighttime skincare routine for your acne-prone skin to support the skin instead of stripping it!